Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Navigation
g, then h Go to home
g, then l Go to pinned/saved for later
g, then j Go to next feed
g, then k Go to previous feed
g, then m Show more feeds
shift+j Go to next section
shift, then k Go to previous section
shift, then m Show more sections
shift, then t Star feed
shift, then a Mark/Unmark feed as read
shift, then p Open settings
shift, then l Change layout
1 Grid layout
2 List layout
3 Compact layout
+, then s Add section
+, then f Add feed
? Open the list of keyboard shortcuts
2. Article List Actions
j Open next article
k Open previous article
n Select next article
p Select previous article
v View original in a new tab
r Refresh
space Play/Stop video
3. Selected Article Actions
enter Open selected article
esc Close selected article
m Mark/Unmark mark as read
s Pin/Save for later
shift+s Share article
t, then l Like twitter article
t, then r Retweet twitter article